Fanworks and PYD Section Up

Ever since I took Michigan State University’s HDFS 470, “Youth and Technology”, in Summer 2012, I’ve decided that my final capstone project for my master’s degree will be technology-related. Around Fall 2012, I decided that to focus on fanworks and how it can be used as a tool to promote positive youth development. So since then, I’ve studied fanworks from an academic perspective, which I find a bit funny, since fanwork is considered to be one of my biggest online hobbies! Regardless, I focused on that, and I’ve now added a new section to this website called Fanworks and PYD.

On that page, I’ve compiled my class assignments and projects relating to the topic of fanworks and Net Generation. My capstone project, a narrated PowerPoint presentation, is also embedded for those who’d like to see how I applied fanworks to PYD.

Feel free to check out my projects!