The Blog

This blog was started for HDFS 470: Youth and Technology from Michigan State University. This blog will post various sources that focuses on positive youth development that I find useful for youth and youth professionals.

The Blogger

I am a proud graduate of Michigan State University where I worked on my MA in Youth Development through the Great Plains IDEA programme.

My work with children and youth began when I started volunteering as a teacher’s aide right after I graduated from high school in 2003. While volunteering, one of my former teacher suggested to me that I try substituting. For the next four years, I alternated between subbing and volunteering while working on my undergrad degree. My first two years were spent subbing at the high school, and then I slowly also began subbing at the middle and elementary school.

Then in 2007, I began a new job as a daycare programme assistant. I worked with children aged 6 months to 6 years, and I mostly worked with preschoolers. In 2008, I became a Youth Technology Lab Lead at the Middle School and Teen Centre. Most recently, in 2012, I transferred over to the School-Aged Care, still as a Youth Technology Lab Lead. This move officially means I have worked with children and youth of all ages.

My career has really given me many opportunities to work and learn about children and youth (and they teach me a lot, too!), so I decided to begin my formal studies in youth development. I am always interested in learning, so I hope to use this blog to share my learning adventures!