CEP 818

In fall 2013, I took a class called CEP 818: Creativity in Teaching and Learning with Michigan State University. In this class, I focused on how fanworks can be used as a tool to promote creative and social development in people of all ages while using the seven tools of creativity. I took this class as a supplement for my MA in Youth Development to support my capstone topic of how technology in the form of fanworks can be used to promote positive youth development.

I’ve compiled all my blog posts written for CEP 818 below.

The Beginning

First Post for CEP 818
Véjà Du Guessing Game
Véjà Du Answer
Content Topic Introduction

How Do I Love Thee: Seven Tools of Creativity

Perceiving a Familiar Song
Perceiving Reflection
Patterning in a Literary Way
Patterning Reflection
Abstracting Deconstruction
Abstracting Reflection
Embodied Thinking Graphical Depiction
Embodied Thinking Reflection
Modelling and Dimensional Thinking Graphical Depiction
Modelling and Dimensional Thinking Reflection
Playing with Fanfiction
Playing Reflection
How Do I Love Thee: A Synthesis in Three Parts

Creative “I”: Exploring the Complex World of Creativity

Defining Creativity
Variations on a Theme
Architecture of Space