Embodied Thinking Graphical Depiction


This graphic was made with PowerPoint and PhotoShop 7. The original art is by a dear friend, H. This picture shows how I think and empathise when I write fanfics. A lot of my embodied thinking occurs when I am on my computer, but when I am walking, I also enter what I call the “daydream mode”. It’s like when I am at my computer, I am consciously aware of what I want to think and imagine about. But when I am walking, I am unconsciously daydreaming of random scenarios that I can explore while absorbing the environment and the happenings around me. My thinking’s more orderly in front of a computer, but less orderly and more surreal-like when I am walking.

The above shows a cartoon version of me sitting on top of a pile of books I like. It shows me multi-tasking, and the state I am in while I am in front of a computer. I write fanfics when I am at my computer, and depending on what I am writing, I start thinking about concepts like the ones I’ve listed in the thought bubble. Things like how would I feel if I were . . . what would this be like if . . . we don’t have magic in our world, but what if magic existed . . .

I am empathising the characters in the story, and all of these also occur when I am walking, though more in a fragmented way since I get distracted by my surroundings. Yet, I discover that when I am walking, some of my best ideas come to me then. Something about being in auto-pilot mode seem to trigger the part of my brain that comes up with all the good ideas. Whether I’m at the computer or whether I’m walking, embodied thinking helps me be a better writer and a better person.

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