Fanworks and PYD

In 2012, I decided to focus on youth and technology for my master’s degree capstone project, and in particular I wanted to look at how fanworks can be used to promote positive youth development. I’ve compiled various class projects below to showcase my own educational adventure on a topic that’s dear to my heart.

Class Projects

– Fall 2012 ~ HDFS 861 ~ Community Youth Development at Michigan State University ~ Paper: Understanding the Digital Mindset (PDF)

– Fall 2012 ~ HDFS 8237 ~ Youth in Cultural Contexts at University of Missouri-Columbia ~ PowerPoint: Youth Digital and Creative Mindset (PDF)

– Spring 2013 ~ CDFS 711 ~ Youth Development at North Dakota State University ~ Paper: Youth Development Through Fan Interests: How Parents and Youth Professionals Can Understand the Net Generation (PDF)

– Fall 2013 ~ CEP 818 ~ Creativity in Teaching and Learning at Michigan State University ~ Blog Articles: Various Topics (Link)

Capstone Project

In Spring 2014, I completed my capstone project. I decided to do something called the “6-word project”. I had to think of 6 words fitting the theme of fanworks and positive youth development. The 5/6 Cs of Positive Youth Development came to me, and from that concept, the 6 Cs of fanworks came alive. For my the final capstone, I created and narrated a PowerPoint presentation on the 6 Cs of fanworks and its impact on youth development from a technological viewpoint.

YouTube Video Link:

PowerPoint Presentation in PDF format w/ no script (PDF)

PowerPoint Presentation in PowerPoint format w/ script (PowerPoint PPTX)