The Positive Youth Development Guidelines

One of the first things I learned in my programme is the whole concept on “positive youth development”. Dr Lerner introduced the “6 Cs” that every youth development professionals should know of and apply to their career and understanding of youth development. The 6 Cs are:

  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Connection
  • Character
  • Caring
  • Contribution to self, family, community, and the institutions of a civil society

(source: Link to PDF)

The 6 Cs set the “guidelines” that I try to follow. I also discovered another set of “guidelines” in a response to a video I created and shared. Someone from the 4-H Pacific branch introduced me to the Eight Essential Elements of 4-H Youth Development:

  1. Positive Relationship with a Caring Adult
  2. A Safe Emotional and Physical Environment
  3. An Inclusive Environment
  4. Engagement in Learning
  5. Opportunity for Mastery
  6. Opportunity to See Oneself as an Active Participant in the Future
  7. Opportunity for Self‚ÄźDetermination
  8. Opportunity to Value and Practice Service to Others

(source: Link to PDF)

Both are great guidelines that youth development professionals should remember and follow. I know I strive to do so!