Inspiring 2012 Teenagers

Huffington Post wrote this great article about eighteen inspirational teenagers in 2012:

18 Under 18: HuffPost Teen’s List of the Most Amazing Young People of the Year

These young, aspiring teenagers are great role models for other teenagers.

London 2012 Young Olympians

London 2012

The whole world is focused on the 2012 Olympics, and while I am not too much into the summer one (I only like figure skating at the winter Olympics), I cannot deny being awestruck by the young athletes in every Olympics.

Gold medallists like Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, and Ye Shi Wen are just few of the ones to name. Athletes like them have definitely sacrificed and trained a lot to make it to where they are now, and these young people will be great role models for the future generation of Olympian stars.

Britney Marshall Has Sense

Britney Marshall: Meet the 14-year-old who unlike her mother and four sisters is refusing to have breast implants.

This teenage lass from United Kingdom is considered to be “rebellious” because she wants to be the first one in her family to attend university and travel the world. Meanwhile her mum and her sisters are pressuring her to get breast implants because they all had one themselves.

I am really glad Daily Mail wrote this article to show that there are youth like Britney out there. Britney shows great self-esteem, and she’s gorgeous without needing such extreme methods of changing her physical appearance. I wish her luck and hope she achieves her dreams.